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Like its little brother the TRWC15 is Big in every way. However, the TRWC-15 takes BIG to a whole new level. It has a Bullet proof 21mm MDF front baffle (36mm in someplaces) to hold in place the largest subwoofers on the market.
Its Anti Turbulance designed slot port is MASSIVE. How’s the tuning? Nice and low at 36Hz (Can be made lower by inverting the sub). The philosophy of TRWC system design is quite simple. Use one big sub on a decent sized amp you will get more bass (Better Bass) than 2 subs in a similar sized box sharing half the enclosure each. The added bonus is that you also get
the advantage of the lower frequency tuning so that you can Pound the ground with your favourite tracks or feel the depth of the greatest SQ recordings...
There has been a common muttering of discontent amongst hardcore enthusiasts when it comes to Pre Fabricated enclosures. Many bloggers have been telling us “PRE FAB’S ARE TOO SMALL”. Well, Aerpro has been listening and TRWC is the answer.

The TRWC 12 and 15 inch box’s are about the same size box that you would expect for a box designed for 2 woofers. What this allows us to do is build in a port with a massive cross sectional area whilst keeping the tuning frequency low. The result is fantastic sound quality, Literally no port noise and very very high efficiency.
At a recent bass battle competition is was demonstrated that more SPL can be produced with just one woofer in a TRWC enclosure than 2 of the same woofers in a smaller enclosure. The next time you’re thinking of putting together a big system you might consider building it with one really nice sub in a TRWC rather than 2 cheaper subs that add up to the same price!!!.
The results will surprise you!


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